5 Ways to Get Through a Tough Week

Hi guys! This week has been, well, not my favorite. I’m sure everyone has had these weeks, but no one likes them. When I’m having a bad day (or week) I’m constantly trying to find ways to make myself feel better. Sometimes it’s hard to find things that will lift my mood, but when I find the right thing, I’m a different person! Today, I’m going to share some things that help me feel better.

Face Masks:

I have a love hate relationship with facemasks. I tend to have really sensitive skin, so it’s hard to find masks that will sooth my face and not irritate it. Right now I’m really loving this one from Lush. Now, I also have a love hate relationship with Lush. Some of their products are very strong smelling, but this one is just the right combination.


Cleaning is kind of therapeutic for me. I love cleaning in general, but for some reason, when I need to get something out, I will most likely will turn to cleaning. I usually do things like tidy up my room, or do dishes. Some may see this as a hassle (trust me I do too sometimes), but when I’m in need of some relief it does the trick!


I love to read. It’s hard sometimes to find time to read, but when I have a good book, it hard finding time to stop reading. Right now I am reading Brooklyn. This is a story of an Irish girl who falls in love when she moves to America for a job. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good read. The movie is excellent as well! But really, if you’re having a bad day, try to pick up a book.

Hot Showers:

Hot showers are a great way relax. I the steam really helps me calm myself down. They’re also really helpful when you have a cold. The heat helps to decongest your sinuses.


Now, when I say exercise, I don’t mean go run a marathon or anything too crazy! I like to go on walks, and I’m currently playing volleyball. Volleyball really makes me work, but is also fun at the same time. I am also getting ready to start a new yoga class, and I’m SUPER excited.

These are just a few ways that help me. Let me know if you have anything that helps you! Thanks for reading!


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