Michigan Oh Michigan!

Every year, I take a trip up to Michigan with my mom and grandparents. We always stay in a different place. We rent a little cottage in Northern Michigan, and then explore our surroundings. Most of the time we try to go see a lighthouse too.


There is actually quite a funny story behind this picture. So, my mom and I heard that there was this great shipwreck that you HAD to see. So being our curious selves, we decided to go see what we could see. Little did we know that we would be hiking almost four miles to see this thing. At the time, I was only eight or nine, so I was absolutely exhausted!

Lake 3.jpg

Words can’t express how much I love going up North.  I have been a fish ever since I was a little baby, so the cold, northern waters can’t stop me from getting a good swim in! These past few years I have taken a paddle board out onto the lake. If you haven’t tried it yet, definitely give it a try. I enjoy it so much. This past year we stayed on Glen Lake. The water was so clear, that it almost felt like we were in the ocean.

Lake 1.jpg

The beach is another favorite of mine Up North. I love the feeling of the sand in between my toes. The sunsets are also such a great thing to watch. Seeing the sun slowly disappear beyond the horizon is something really special. I love just bundling up under a blanket and watching the sun set. The chill in the air makes the whole experience ten times better!

If you live in Michigan, or just like going there, feel free to leave a comment down below telling me some good places to go see. I would love to get up there and try some awesome new things!



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