My Earliest Memory

I have never been one to get into mischief, but my first and earliest memory says otherwise. Like most little kids, I had somehow found a pair of scissors, and decided to go to town on my hair. It was a mess. I had managed to cut all of my bangs off in a somewhat jagged manner. I know the majority of children cut their hair, but I don’t think they all turn out as bad as me. I remember my mom was on the phone. I had seen her put those little safety scissors in the top drawer of my dresser, and I thought I’d go and see what they were all about. She was in her room, and I was in mine. I opened up my drawer, and grabbed my scissors. I ran into her room (she had gone downstairs for a few moments) and started cutting my hair. When she had come back upstairs, I ran back into my room and showed her my big chunk of light blond hair. I was so proud of myself, but a look of horror fell on her face. She told my aunt she would call her back. When she hung up she just stared at me. Looking back on it I can see why. Once they (my bangs) started to grow out, my mom found a way to pull my hair back with “the big red obnoxious bow” as we called it. After this experience, I learned never to cut my hair again. Mainly because I HATED that darn bow. Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is one of my favorite memories of my younger self, and I’m glad I got to share this with you guys today!



Let me know if you have any funny memories from your childhood, or your earliest memories!



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