Weekend Wrap up!


This weekend was great! I had so much to do, but being busy is better than being bored am I right?!

First off on Friday I got out of school, then headed to babysit two adorable little girls. I stayed with them for about 5 hours. I love kids, so this was super fun. Not to say that they were angels, but what kids is at six or two? When I got home, I was pretty tired so I basically crashed!

Saturday was really laid back. I woke up really late. My mom and I went on a long drive and just looked at pretty houses. We came back, and I took a well needed shower. I love a good shower. Then I got dressed for my last dance at school. It just so happens that it was a “father daughter dance.” Sadly, my dad just had surgery the day before so he couldn’t make it.  The surgery was nothing major, but prayers are still welcome. Since he couldn’t make it, I went with a friend and her dad. Even though my dad wasn’t there, I still had a pretty good time. I came home and pretty much repeated the events of Friday night.

Sunday, I had to wake up a little earlier that Saturday. I went to church, then out for some bagels with my mom. This has kind of become our little tradition on Sundays. It was such a beautiful day, but very cold.  We relaxed a little bit before we had to head out to my volley ball game. We lost, but we all had fun. That’s all that matters right? We came home and I studied and finished a little bit of homework. Then I took a shower an geared up for the upcoming week!


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