Winter With a Touch of Spring!

Vest 2.jpg

Don’t be fooled by the cute outfit and smile, because today was COLD! I was trying really hard not to freeze in this picture. But despite the cold, I got out to shoot this absolutely darling outfit. My herringbone vest from J. Crew is great for days like this because it keeps me so warm! Sadly, this vest isn’t available from J. Crew anymore, but there are so many places you can find them still. Thankfully, my mom snagged this for me just in time for Christmas.

Vest 1.JPG

Oh! Isn’t this fence the cutest thing?! My mom and I love a good picket fence, so I thought it was obvious that I had to take a picture in front of it! I just love the color or my sweater and the vest. I had never tried this combination first, but I’m glad I did now!


Last picture I promise! I just love this outfit and I hope you do too!




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